Monday, February 25, 2008

Running from Paradise?

Last week I was revolted by the large number of responses to NPR's surprisingly critical story about Cuba under Castro following his official resignation. Apparently, if the letters read on the air were representative, NPR's listeners were outraged that anybody would see Cuba as anything but a socialist paradise filled with happy workers unfairly held back by an American embargo that was the cause of any minor difficulties. The bitter attacks on the Cuban exiles who were quoted were disgusting.

So this is a great line:

Cuba features a universal health care system, a minuscule 1.9 percent unemployment rate, near-total literacy, complete political "unity" — and hundreds of thousands of people ready to risk their lives to get the hell out.

How could that be?

How could this be, indeed. You might almost believe that it is because Cuba is yet another socialist totalitarian basket case. You might if you weren't a loyal NPR listener, brought up to believe in paradise on Earth just off our Florida coast.

Why does our Left adore communist thug dictators so much?