Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dog and Pony Show

Iranian military maneuvers are back:

"The elite Revolutionary Guards plans to begin a three-day missile maneuver on Sunday near Garmsar city," said the broadcast. The city is located in northern Iran on the edge of Kavir desert, about 60 miles southeast of Tehran.

"Zalzal and Fajr-5 missiles will be test fired in the war game," the television quoted an unnamed commander of the guards, as saying. Both are considered short-range missiles.

The mind boggles at what wonders the Iranians may show the world!

Will it be special coal-powered missiles?

Rockets that are fueled by electricity generated from nuclear power plants?

Special short-range missiles that make right angle turns to maneuver through city blocks?

It will likely be good, since the article takes it on faith that the maneuvers mean something:

Iran regularly holds large maneuvers, often using them to test weapons developed by its arms industry.

Please. The Iranians can call their latest duct-taped 1974-era Hawk SAM strapped to a barely air worthy F-14 that only flies because the Pentagon threw out some bolts the "Ultra-Mega-Jew-Seeking Hydra Missile," but let's not get carried away in making excuses for their sad chest thumping.

Iran is a threat with nukes or car-door openers. Between Armageddon and terrorism, the Iranian threat is limited and we can destroy any conventional force they put in the field.