Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Plastic Turkey for Serving

The headlines scream that our troops are ill-equipped:

"Many U.S. troops short on crucial gear"

The story says something else:

The Defense Department Inspector General's Office polled roughly 1,100 service members and found they weren't always adequately equipped for their missions. The troops were interviewed in Iraq and Afghanistan last May and June.

What soldier doesn't want better equipment? The only reason our troops can complain is because we constantly develop better equipment and naturally enough can't snap our fingers and instantly equip every trooper with that new equipment. It trickles in at first and then reaches a flood; and by that time the next trickle of new and improved equipment is starting. If we never improved our weapons and equipment, we'd always have plenty on hand.

Our troops are the best-equipped and best-trained ground force on this planet. Period. Any complaints about our troops' equipment that doesn't start out with this basic understanding is going to get the story wrong. As this story does.

The real story is that our military is adopting new equipment at the urging of troop input at a rate that is unmatched in our history. Do our troops want better equipment? Of course! Are we providing it? Yes. Can it be instant? Not unless you want more stories down the line of how we were ripped off by arms companies for charging a lot of money for rushed production.

Enjoy the latest plastic turkey. But save room for the next one.

There's always another plastic turkey to serve. How would our press give thanks without them?