Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Tough, Hawkish, Strategist in Bizarro World

Representative Murtha is emerging as another poster boy for the Left. McGovern and Kerry were there first, of course. And now Murtha provides a shield to urge retreat and defeat by those whose credentials on defending our country are less than convincing to the public.

I do not worship at the altar of Murtha. Yes, his service to our country was exemplary back in his day. But that does not shield him from the fact that now he urges retreat, defeat, and inane strategic thinking. As a young man his sacrifice and the sacrifice of his comrades was abandoned by a Congress that could not make the extra effort to win after nearly 60,000 troops died in Vietnam. Now, as a Congressman, Murtha urges the same abandonment of our troops and allies after 2,000 dead.

Yet our press cooperates in portraying this man as a tough battle-hardened warrior, reluctantly turning against a war plagued by mistakes, and offering sage advice on how to retrieve our security. That article is actually headlined "Murtha's Tough Stand Boosts His Profile."

In what Bizarro World is urging retreat considered a "tough stand?" Why yes, bravely, Brave Sir Robin, bravely ran away. No more than a Congressman should get a break for corruption based on past bravery; a Congressman should not get a break for idiocy and defeatism based on past bravery.

Murtha is not called on this lengthy record of advocating retreat in Iraq. Nor is he called on the carpet for stating sheer idiocy about his so-called plan for Iraq:

Now, my plan says redeploy to the periphery, to Kuwait, to Okinawa, and if there's a terrorist activity that affects our allies or affects the United States' national security, we can then go back in.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Press if President Bush had said Okinawa is on the periphery of Iraq? Iceland is on the periphery of Iraq as much as Okinawa is! And let's not go into the strategic insight necessary to advocate putting more US forces on Okinawa when we have been negotiating to reduce our presence at the insistence of locals! My what a big brain he has!

And to run away but then pretend to toughness by asserting we will go in again if the situation gets worse to defend our interests?

Truly, Murtha has a stunning intellect. And he's tough. And wise. A genuine hawk. Yep, one of the best and the brightest. A shining star in the firmament of Congress who illuminates the darkness and leads us to victory from the forces of idiocy. All bow down to Representative Murtha. We are not worthy!

Everything is possible in Bizarro World.