Sunday, April 24, 2005

We're Really Really Sorry You're Communists

Japan has apologized (again) for their aggression in World War II. Said President Koizumi:

"In the past Japan through its colonial rule and aggression caused tremendous damage and suffering for the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations," Koizumi said at the summit's opening ceremony. "Japan squarely faces these facts of history in a spirit of humility."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said China welcomed Koizumi's apology — but said more need to be done.

"That President Koizumi expressed this attitude in this arena is welcome. We welcome it," Kong told reporters at a summit of Asian and African leaders in Jakarta. "But to express it is one aspect. What's of much more importance is the action. You have to make it a reality."

China wants what? All of Japan to commit ritual suicide? Isnt the aid Japan (still, I think) lavished on China enough? Aren't the many apologies enough? Isn't the fact that Japan has clearly turned its back on aggression enough?

But China isn't interested in an apology. Or reality. China just wants a club to beat Japan into sending more money and giving more concessions. And as an excuse to veto a Japanese Security Council permanent seat.

So I was happy to see the Japanese give the Chinese a little back. The foreign minister complained about Chinese textbooks. And this is getting media play:

There was also criticism of Chinese textbooks in Japan's media. The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's biggest newspaper, said in an editorial Sunday that China should also change the way it teaches history.

"China should halt its nationalistic and anti-Japanese education with action," the conservative daily said. "It is also starting to be pointed out in the United States and Europe that history instruction in China is distorted to suit the convenience of the Communist Party."

Machimura said Tokyo would officially inform Beijing what it thought of China's textbooks after it fully reviews them. Machimura said Tang Jiaxuan, China's state councilor and a former foreign minister, had invited him to do so during a recent discussion about teaching history.

So China wants Japan to reflect on the suffering that Japan caused others in World War II, especially China?

Well I'm fine with that. After that unit of instruction, we'll need about a dozen to reflect on the Chinese communist role in inflicting death and destruction and tyranny on the Chinese people since the Japanese were defeated in World War II.

Japan's crimes are at least for the history books. China adds new chapters of crimes every year.

I'm glad to see Japan isn't just taking Peking's BS.