Friday, April 22, 2005

Truly Sick of North Korea

I am truly sick of North Korea's tantrums and blackmail.

The Pillsbury Nuke Boy regime's latest hissy fit:

"If the United States shows sincerity by its actions — such as changing its policy of squashing to death by nuclear (weapons) and assuring peaceful coexistence — the nuclear issue between (North Korea) and the United States can be resolved smoothly," the North's official Rodong Sinmun wrote in an editorial.

The United States has repeatedly said it has no intention to attack the North, and has sought to convince Pyongyang to return to international disarmament talks that have been on hold since last June. North Korea said in February it would indefinitely boycott the meetings and claimed it had nuclear weapons.

The editorial Thursday, carried by the North's Korean Central News Agency, also said a change of U.S. policy would "provide a gauge whether the United States is serious about resolving the nuclear issue and a nuclear-free (Korean) peninsula." The North also reiterated that it possessed nuclear weapons in self-defense.

Give me strength to go on.

They claim nukes in self defense yet we've never gone after them--let alone with nuclear attacks--for the decades they had none. But still they demand more assurances we won't nuke them.

The refuse to talk about nukes until we send money and food in quantities they deem sufficient.

Yet as annoying as the North Korean nutball regime is, how much more annoying are our experts?

Selig Harrison, of the Washington-based Center for International Policy, said Pyongyang was ready to return to six-party talks, but that the opportunity to persuade it to dismantle its nuclear programs had been lost.

The best that the United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea and China could now hope for at talks that have been stalled since last June was a freeze of existing programs, and time was running short even for that, Harrison said.

"There has been a major policy shift in Pyongyang in recent weeks. The hardline elements there are riding high, the army has increasingly asserted its control over nuclear policy," Harrison told reporters in Beijing.

"Now North Korea is not prepared to discuss dismantling its nuclear weapons until complete normalization of all economic and diplomatic relations with the United States," he said.

Harrison made the remarks after his ninth visit to North Korea, where in 1972 as a journalist for the Washington Post he and another U.S. journalist became the first Americans to visit after the Korean War.

He has contacts with several senior officials in Pyongyang and on his latest visit he held talks with senior leaders including parliament head and number two leader Kim Yong-nam and First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Sok-ju.

North Korea has demanded an open and explicit apology from the United States for calling it an outpost of tyranny before it comes back to the table.

But Harrison said leaders hinted they could be satisfied with another gesture of respect or statement it sought peaceful coexistence, not regime change, with Pyongyang.

What is it with some experts? Why do so many believe that the best use of their expertise is to identify the proper officials to whom we should surrender? Why do they think we need to know the precise language and manner of our surrender notice so that we don't offend them with our crude ways? Is Selig serious? Accept their nukes and just try for a freeze? What is with trying to find out what is "acceptable" to the Pillsbury Nuke Boy? What gesture could hardliners in North Korea possibly accept? No apology, even with our best "we really, really mean it" demeanor would ever be believed. No gesture would be seen as anything but a sly cover for our true intentions to smash them. Why should I listen to anything the self-appointed Harrison says?

And is North Korea still going on about their demand that we apologize for the outpost of tyranny remark? Why? Are they offended at the bleeding obvious? If so, we'll be on the apologypalooza circuit for quite some time soothing their ruffled feathers. Good grief, could John Bolton spare a moment from the farcical Senate confirmation hearings to verbally slap the North Koreans around a little? For old times sake?

Contain North Korea. Squeeze them while providing only nominal aid to keep their hopes alive that we will break first and shovel in the loot. I don't want Pyongyang to think they've finally reached the point where they must go to war (like Japan in 1941) our fall. And in this light, don't refer the question to the UN Security Council. Give the nutballs of the North the feeling of some victory. After all, just what would the UNSC do anyway? Not much is my guess.

No, count on the North Korean people who seem to be finally figuring out that their leaders are liars and who seem to be losing their fear of the regime. Count on the security services to be too demoralized to obey orders to suppress the revolt when it comes.

So ignore those pesky thugs with thin skins and fat bodies who prosper while their people starve. The thugs aren't even clever anymore. Shoot, I hardly even pay attention anymore if the Pillsbury Nuke Boy doesn't threaten to turn something into a sea of fire.

Figure out how to beat them--not satisfy them. Both North Korea and our self-appointed emissaries.