Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Common Enemy. Common Ally

Japan and India are talking. China may have tried a charm offensive on India and unleashed protesters on Japan to break up the growing anti-Chinese alliance in Asia, but with the United States not far away, Japan and India are chatting:

"Japan is ready to provide strategic orientation to the existing global partnership (with India) with the concept of a new Asian era in mind," [Japanese ambassador Yasukumi Enoki ] told a news conference ahead of Koizumi's visit which begins Friday.

The two leaders will discuss trade, military ties and terrorism and a bid by both nations to secure a seat on an expanded United Nations Security Council.

With the United States moving closer to Japan and India, having Japan and India move closer to each other is good news for the guys in the white hats.

The Great Game in Asia continues.

Oh, and a permanent seat for Brazil? Come on! And Germany? Yeah, right. Germany has not stepped up to accept the responsibilities of a great power but wants the perk? Forget it. Enjoy your EU status, Berlin.

We support our allies who want permanent seats.