Monday, June 27, 2016

The Thousand-Year Ever Closer Union?

Perhaps this post wasn't hyperbolic in the slightest. I would love to hear the German foreign minister define "us" in this comment:

“I am confident that these countries can also send a message that we won’t let anyone take Europe from us,” he said heading into a meeting in Berlin of his counterparts from the EU’s six founding members.

Who is this "us?" Just who owns Europe? Germany? Germany and France? The Euro-elites?

And how is Britain leaving the European Union in any way an act of taking the European Union away from anyone other than Britain?

Is the example of a free people escaping ever tighter grip by the EU that frightening to the European Union's transnational royalty? Is rejection of the EU by Britain considered the first Euro-domino?

If the European Union is that shaky, the Scots might want to rethink their renewed urge to leave the United Kingdom to join the European Union:

Nearly 60 percent of Scots now support Scottish independence after Britain voted to leave the European Union this week, according to an opinion poll reported by a newspaper on Saturday.

The Scots might find that if they reverse their recent rejection of independence in order to join the EU that they are just boarding a sinking ship.

Perhaps notwithstanding that poll, referendum fatigue is affecting Scotland:

The Scots do not think there should be a second independence referendum, a poll showed on Sunday, days after Britain voted to leave the European Union despite strong Scottish support for remaining a member of the bloc.

The Survation poll showed 44.7 percent of people think Scotland should not conduct a second independence referendum, compared to 41.9 percent in favor of a fresh vote. In September 2014 Scotland rejected independence by 55 percent to 45 percent.

Which is just as well. Would Great Britain take them back if the EU goes belly up? And under what conditions?

That would be awkward.

Although I'm on record as believing Scotland should remain part of Great Britain. And I'm not cruel enough to wish upon the Scots the joys of bending the knee to Brussels.