Friday, June 10, 2016

Other Than the Beating Men to a Bloody Pulp Thing

The death of Mohammed Ali is interesting in what it says about our media.

Not that the death of the man isn't tragic. As the death of any man is even if they don't get adoring press coverage.

What I find interesting is that the sport of boxing is, as a rule, seen by liberals as a barbaric form of entertainment barely distinguishable from assault. One man beats another senseless--quite literally over time even for a boxer as good as Ali--and it is all legal.

Yet the generally liberal media is celebrating the life of Ali and lauding him. Why? For beating men senseless and being really good at it?

No, Ali has the two-fer going for him of converting to Islam and opposing the Vietnam War.

So he gets the hero treatment from a fawning press that would ban boxing in a heartbeat if they could.

I'm sorry Ali has passed away. May he rest in peace.

And I'm sorry his mental capacity dwindled away. I do understand that tragedy very well.

But I do find it interesting to see how the media covers his passing.