Monday, June 20, 2016

We are Not Amused

So our president should have extraordinary powers to deny an American a basic right?

I'm so old I remember when letting the government potentially see what your library habits are would mean "the terrorists win." Now?

Vox writer Dylan Matthews said on Twitter Thursday that he believed the president should be able to unilaterally ban all Americans from purchasing guns.

One, I wouldn't trust a Vox writer to explain how to pour water out of a boot if he or she was reading instructions on the heel.

Two, so it is wrong to deny a person the right to vote after completing a sentence for a felony (and actually, I agree with that basic position); but it is okay to deny a right based on the unilateral decision of the president?

Three, I'm fairly positive that  Matthews wants President Obama to have that power. Or President Clinton. But President Trump? Not so much is my guess.

And four--have you seen this guy Matthews?

Oh sweet Jesus. If anybody should be banned from purchasing guns on mere executive whim, he is the one.

Not to be overly cruel to a man suggesting such a radical abandonment of rule of law to an imperial presidency, but his picture just screams "You'll see. You'll all see!! I'll show you all that I'm somebody! You mean people who teased me in gym class and stuffed me in a locker will pay!!!!"

Seriously, he has that off-kilter serial killer look. Doesn't he?

Now I'm sure--although I know nothing about the man other than he writes for Vox and has a horrible view on government powers over individuals--that Matthews is a fine young man who has never tortured small mammals and doesn't even have a parking ticket to his name.

But if he wants a little more credibility, he really should comb his hair, shave, and ditch the thousand-yard stare.

Sadly, this type of thinking isn't limited to the Twitterati, as a member of Congress declares that "due process" that prevents the government from doing what it wants stands in the way of protecting Americans.

Perhaps members of Congress should be banned--for life--from purchasing firearms. If it saves even one life, right?

Tips to Instapundit.