Thursday, June 30, 2016

Follow the Stupid Brick Road

The chain of stupid in Europe from the Iraq War to Brexit is a wonder to behold.

Europeans decided that they hated the Iraq War fought and won under George W. Bush who vowed to fight our enemies over there rather than let them battle us over here.

In reaction to the hard fight in Iraq (that they largely avoided), the Europeans swooned with near-orgasmic intensity at the prospect of an Obama presidency.

Yet so complete was the victory in Iraq under Bush that President Obama boasted that we had achieved a stable Iraq as a partner, justifying Vice President Biden's claim that Iraq could be one of the great achievements of the president.

Still, President Obama walked away from the Middle East as the tired Europeans hoped.

And when Syria exploded, President Obama refrained from doing anything decisive over there to influence the outcome. Or to shore up teetering Iraq, which also exploded. Or to care about Libya after killing Khadaffi, which remains in near-chaos.

As a result, refugees, migrants and terrorists flowed into Europe from the Moslem greater Middle East,  causing financial, terror, and crime problems "over here" (in Europe).

And this flood of problems flowing from the newly chaotic "over there" to "over here" exposed the inability of the European Union to do anything decisive while demonstrating how little popular opinion affected the actions of the Euro elites when faced with problems that really didn't affect them directly.

Which led the British people to reject the European Union.

Which is stirring up the masses on the continent to get their own chance to reject the EU.

Which has disappointed the pro-European Union forces in Europe as well as the Left here which dreams of their own technocratic autocracy that ignores the opinion of stupid people who don't know what is good for them, anyway.

Yet the Europeans and Europeans-at-heart in America still love our president.

Just who is stupid, anyway?