Friday, July 01, 2016

College Professors are Very Smart

Leftist college professors are smart.

Really, you'd have to be really smart to construct arguments to justify socialism as an objective to pursue when the evidence of the world would demonstrate poverty and oppression is the more likely outcome.

I'll never forget my time when at the University of Michigan, when I worked as a video game arcade attendant where I sat behind a counter trapped like a rat for anybody to corner. A Marxist who liked video games liked to argue with my about communism. I have no idea how he figured I was conservative. He actually seemed nice enough, other than his love of communism.

Anyway, that guy loved to say communism was the way to solve our problems. One day, in utter frustration, I listed off all the countries in the world that proclaimed to be communist. All were basket cases of poverty, shortages, and oppression. I asked him how he could think communism works? Is it just a coincidence that all these countries are communist and heck holes?

He paused for a moment and then replied, "Yes."

I threw up my hands and told him I didn't see much point in arguing if he really believed the evidence did not contradict the theory.

Of course, the really difficult moment I had behind that counter was the day a former girlfriend, a woman I had just started going out with, and a woman who would soon be my girlfriend were all standing at the narrow counter should-to-shoulder, talking to me. I honestly feared that day would end with me in an emergency room with a fork sticking out of my arm, or something.

Against all evidence, that worked out for me. Socialism, however, continues to provide disasters.

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