Tuesday, July 05, 2016

They Welcome Their EU Overlords

With every protest and utterance of contempt that the pro-EU side expresses toward the anti-EU side and democracy itself, the reason for wanting to escape the EU proto-empire while they can and restore British sovereignty becomes more evident.

Oh what a bloody giveaway:

Thousands marched through London on Saturday to protest against Britain's vote to leave the EU, which has sparked political turmoil and polarised public opinion.

Chanting "We love you EU," waving European flags and carrying colourful banners with slogans like "Breverse," they set off late morning to march towards the Houses of Parliament.

"The Leave Campaign Lied", "Save our Future" and "Never Gonna Give EU up," read others, the latter referring to the 1980s hit by Rick Astley.

The Remain side will only think the campaign is honest when the vote goes their way. Only then will elections cease.

Which is the standard operating procedure for the European Union's plan for ever oppressive closer union.

Freedom is good for everyone even if only 52% want it. Indeed, it is good even if only 10% want it. And autocracy is bad even if 52% want it--or even 90%

The Remain side will in time find that they'll be just fine with freedom and sovereignty.