Monday, July 04, 2016

As Long as the Idea of America Endures

You know, I honestly don't care if white people become a minority as demographic trends suggest.

I don't care, that is, as long as the current minorities assimilate and absorb the culture that prizes individual freedom and initiative which built this country into a free, wealthy, global power. As I've long noted, we are a country of ideas and not of blood or soil.

If immigrants and their children leave behind the conflicts and tribalism of their often backward societies to become Americans in thought as well as identification card, it matters not what color or religion we are.

After all, many of the current white majority came from backward societies in Europe yet adopted (or their children did) our culture, while retaining rightful pride of origin.

But if we abandon a policy of promoting assimilation in favor of multiculturalism that rejects assimilation, our country will Balkanize and tribalize--including at least parts of the existing white population that will revert to tribal politics in reaction.

And it will be more than just white supremacists coming armed to rallies:

At least seven people were stabbed Sunday when counter-protesters clashed with members of right-wing extremists groups that planned to hold a rally outside the California state Capitol building in Sacramento, authorities said.

California Highway Patrol Officer George Granada said about 30 members of the Traditionalist Worker Party were gathering for a rally around noon Sunday when they were met by about 400 counter-protesters and a fight broke out.

If I understand it from other reports, those heavily outnumbered "right-wing" (I deny being racist and a supporter of socialism makes you "right wing") ralliers inflicted 6 stabbing casualties on the counter-protesters (who seem to have been organized by anarchists and likely had a solid contingent of communists of various stripes) and suffered one stabbing victim. So they came to play rough, although the counter-protesters started the fights. See here.

Is this what we want to see routinely if identity politics becomes the norm here for everyone?

This kind of fragmentation is a long-term threat to America more dangerous than any foreign power or terror group.