Sunday, July 03, 2016

Putin Should Not Celebrate Brexit

Putin and the Russians are reportedly celebrating the chaos that Brexit has inflicted on the Western alliance. Not so fast, Sparky.

Consider that without Britain, the main powers in the European Union are now Germany and France.

In the last couple centuries, France invaded Russia and burned Moscow; Germany invaded Russia, pushed it to revolution, and stripped it of its possessions in the west; and Germany invaded again, requiring about 30 million Russians killed to eject the Germans from the Soviet Union.

Bravo! Now Britain isn't in the EU to perhaps prevent a new threat with a proto-empire dominated by Germany and France that aspires to governing and controlling the resources of countries from Portugal to the Russian border.

Sure, the European Union is weak militarily and no threat to Russia now, as are the European states that make it up, but that doesn't stop Russia from insisting that Europe allied within NATO is a military threat to Russia.

If Europe is ever a threat to Russia again, it will be through the actions of the German- and French-dominated EU empire and not the NATO alliance where America and Britain are most powerful.

Russia better hope that Germany doesn't react to all the migrants flooding Europe (that Putin had a hand in shoving west) by seeking living space in the east to make room for them, eh?

So way to go Putin! Strategery.