Saturday, October 24, 2015

Czar Versus Tsar

Our president has named a diplomat to be a "czar" to take charge of the war against ISIL (ISIS). Putin may ultimately fail in his effort to support Assad, but he is at least waging war to do so.

This really annoys me:

President Obama is tapping a new official to help oversee the multinational coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen is stepping down as envoy and will be replaced by diplomat Brett McGurk.

Pity we don't have any kind of regional unified command with a defined area of responsibility that our military could use to command assets in time of war.

Since the Middle East seems to be the center of jihadi problems, we could call this "Central Command" (CENTCOM). It could be led by a military officer and their staff to carry out the president's orders to wage war to destroy our enemies in the region.

Nah. Some diplomat is much better. He can make sure the military effort is "unbelievably small."

Which is fine, I suppose. Why put the military in charge of this clusterfuck, since whatever we are doing in the Middle East, it doesn't seem to be waging a war.

After all, one of our most highly trained soldiers can be killed in combat without our military having an actual combat role in the fight. More work-place violence, I guess.

With a diplomat now in charge, I can hardly wait to add to my great moments in Obama administration military history.