Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Axis of Reset

Reset Russia is working hard against us hand-in-hand with pre-responsible regional partner Iran. So what about our third "reset" partner Cuba?


The head of Cuba's military recently visited Syria with soldiers, lending to speculation that Cuba may deploy ground troops in the conflict recently joined by Russia.

Bringing back the good old days of the Cold War when Cuba provided tens of thousands of troops to fight for Moscow in Angola and Ethiopia!

It's like an Axis of Reset!

UPDATE: Cuba denies it has sent troops to support Assad:

Foreign ministry official Gerardo Penalver "categorically denies and refutes the irresponsible and unfounded information regarding the supposed presence of Cuban troops in the Syrian Arab Republic," a government statement said.

That outraged denial may even be true. They may just be providing advice or training. Or maybe intelligence officers rather than troops.

And note that the report said that the Cubans are preparing to send troops and the Cubans denied that their troops are present in Syria right now.

Or maybe they are just waiting for the payoff from their own "reset" with America to afford it.