Thursday, October 29, 2015

From the "Well, Duh" Files

Guess what? China would like to own that core interest of theirs called Taiwan.

Ya think?

China is actively building up its armed forces and they would be strong enough by 2020 to launch an invasion of Taiwan, a military report said Tuesday.

Despite closer political ties China is "continuing to accumulate large-scale war capabilities, with the threat of a cross-strait military conflict continuing to exist", according to the island's 2015 National Defence Report.

And the report notes that part of the build up is aimed at deterring third-party intervention (that would be America, and possibly Japan) while they invade.

China has been getting ready for quite some time.

And while my guess for timing has been clearly off, I don't believe that China is unable to invade before 2020, depending on whether China wants to run risks and endure enough casualties to take Taiwan.

So rather than thinking themselves safe until 2020, the Taiwanese might want to prepare do defend themselves at any moment.