Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Mexico's President Calderon bashed Arizona in the halls of Congress and was cheered by the left side of the aisle:

Make no mistake: In the Congress of the United States on Thursday, it was a hostile Mexico against a besieged Arizona. Mexico won in a rout.

So let me get this straight. We can't support dissidents against autocracies--like in Iran--because our support--even President Obama's--will "taint" them as tools of the United States?

But the administration and its congressional allies can cheer on a visiting Mexican president as he trashes Arizona for its new immigration law--ignoring that Arizona is doing what Washington is supposed to do and that Central American illegal immigrants to Mexico aren't lucky enough to operate under our immigration laws rather than Mexico's--without tainting those federal US officials as tools of Mexico?

Huh. Once again, I must accept that I lack the nuance gene.

Well, we knew we were getting a post-America America under this president. Or we should have known. How do you like it, so far?

UPDATE: More on welcoming foreigners to fight their domestic battles. How long before this crowd passes its own Alien and Sedition Act? But this time it will be sedition to say anything bad about illegal aliens.

The pro-illegals make it hard to be pro-immigration.