Friday, May 28, 2010

A Programming Note

I have a suggestion for those propaganda broadcasts from the DMZ that the South Koreans have restarted, based on the latest from North Korea:

"The South Korean puppet regime's faked sinking of the Cheonan has created a very serious situation on the Korean peninsula, pushing it towards the brink of war," Maj. Gen. Pak Rim Su, director of the commission's policy department, said at the press conference, according to broadcaster APTN.

That's pretty weak. The mighty PDRK smacks South Korea and now they claim they did no such thing? Not quite the bad asses they think. My suggestion for the broadcasts to the northerners would go something like this:

Hey, pansies! You quietly promote your general who sank Cheonan and privately boast of what you did. But you don't have the balls to admit it to us or the world. I guess your girlie-leader is too frightened of us to stand up for what he did, huh? I guess it isn't so funny now that you know we could crush your so-called workers' paradise if we gave a damn enough to snuff you out.

Or something like that.