Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Their Head Up Their Ash?

I'm no fan of the European Union on many levels.

The Iceland volcano's ash fallout led the European Union bureaucracy that increasingly rules Europe to shut down air traffic and many Europeans think they went too far:

Politicians from across the continent lashed out at what they saw as the E.U.'s sluggishness in a vociferous debate in the European Parliament on Tuesday - when about half of Europe's scheduled flights departed - blasting the bureaucrats in Brussels for being out of their depth in responding to the chaos. Europe, said German lawmaker Jo Leinen, was "ill prepared for natural disasters." Philip Bradbourn, a British Conservative Party member of the E.P., said the E.U.'s response had been like "licking a finger and sticking it in the air to see what way the wind is blowing."

As Churchill once said of Hitler invading Hell, if a volcano can inspire resistance to the EU soft dictatorship forming before our eyes, I'll at least put in a favorable reference about lava in The Dignified Rant.