Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stranger in a Strange Land

I took Lamb to the Earth Day festival today.

Lamb enjoyed it. They had lots of kid things to do.

I did not enjoy it. Oh, it isn't that I'm pro-pollution. But being around so many people that into the issue was unnatural.

I thought I met a kindred spirit when I briefly started a conversation with one woman wearing a Red Wings jersey. "Puck drop is at 2:00," I said, hoping for some sympathy. Perhaps she'd boldy--but quietly--confess that she was ditching the eco-fest to catch the game. But alas, no, we were not plucky resistance fighters in the enemy's den. She responded, "The parade is at 2:30." I actually believe she had no idea the Wings were playing today. No, she misunderstoon in the din and thought I was speaking of the all-species parade--whatever the heck that is--that was half an hour after the game started.

On the bright side, Lamb had enough by about 2:00 or so, after over an hour of checking out the tables. And puck drop was actually after 2:00, so we made it home in time for me to see the game.

Of course, the way the game went, I'm thinking I missed not seeing the all-species parade. I'm reasonably sure I spotted several of said species in the exhibition hall.

Still, when Lamb is older and perhaps a bit angry with me over some teen issue, I'll point to this day and say, "Can you have any doubt that I love you? I took you to an Earth Day festival. And risked missing a Red Wings quarter-finals game."

That's what a dad does. And I'm happy to do it.