Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That is So Not Fabled

Me thinks the scientists need to get a life:

Two living specimens of the fabled giant Palouse earthworm have been captured for the first time in two decades in what represents a significant discovery of a creature that has achieved a mythic status in the area.

A worm is not "fabled."

A dragon is fabled. A unicorn is fabled. Or a jackalope or mermaid. Toss in President Obama's pragmatic centrist pre-election reputation, if you like. But a giant worm? Fabled? Oh, please. At best, it is mildly interesting.

Unless it is like the Alaskan Bull Worm:

Further, you don't "capture" a worm. You pick it up with finger and thumb, taking care it doesn't wiggle loose onto your clothes. Unless it put of more of a fight than the article implies, with several scientists losing major limbs for their efforts to "capture" the worm. If that's the case, I apologize to all involved in cornering the beast and flushing it out to run into the covered pit they dug.

Get out, more, guys and gals. Try the fabled "beer" a couple times.