Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Global Organizing

I've noted that I don't believe it is accurate to accuse the Obama administration of demonstrating amateur hour in foreign policy. Amateurs know the rules of the game--they just don't know how to play well yet.

The Obama administration just isn't playing the game they should be playing:

From its inception, the Obama administration has talked and talked a great deal about the way it wants the world to be. Rhetorical theatrics, to include sermons promoting visions, and emotionally charged media spectaculars hold pre-eminent and almost holy positions among administration elites.

This is understandable, for these are the tools of domestic politics in a free, secure nation of laws -- the terrain where American community organizers operate. Obama believes that if he can chitchat long enough and with sufficient eloquence, the world will align with his words -- his rhetorical "oughtta be" becomes the way it is. It worked in Chicago.

This will work out just swell, I'm sure.

UPDATE: How's it working in Sudan? (Tip to Instapundit)

It's like the concepts of hope and change are meaningless to some people!