Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Never Know With Crazies, Indeed

You know, when some Moslem leader declares jihad on you, you have to accept that such anger is the price you have to pay for being a unilateralist, arrogant, cowboy power that invades Moslem countries like Iraq and Afghanistan with obvious intent to steal their oil.

So take that, Switzerland:

After two centuries of neutrality, Switzerland found itself in a bizarre and unprecedented situation Friday, facing a would-be "holy war" announced by Libya's Moammar Gadhafi.

The Swiss government declined to comment on Gadhafi's latest salvo in a simmering diplomatic saga stemming from the Geneva police's 2008 arrest and brief detainment of his son, Hannibal, and his wife for allegedly beating up their servants.

Although Gadhafi's jihad declaration late Thursday was widely viewed as a stunt by a leader given to outlandish behavior, the danger was difficult to dismiss in an era of Islamic-Western foment over issues ranging from headdress bans in Europe to faraway Middle East disputes, Iran's nuclear program and Nordic newspapers' caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Analysts urged caution and Swiss citizens and politicians expressed alarm that a nation which managed to steer clear of direct involvement in the world wars and other bloody European conflicts was being dragged into an increasingly messy — if still nonviolent — conflict with an unpredictable government.

"You never know with crazies," nationalist lawmaker Oskar Freysinger told The Associated Press. "I can imagine that this won't be taken very seriously. But nevertheless, it's the head of a state making a declaration of war against Switzerland."

Yest, Swtzerland is the target of the anger. Two centuries of staying out of the world's conflicts don't count for a lot, I guess. Not with crazies, anyway.

Sure, Khaddafi is a loon--his frightened abandonment of WMD programs after watching Saddam go down for the count, notwithstanding. But a lot of the people hopped up on jihadi ideology are loons, too. And for such loons stewing in resentment and anger in their parents' home glaring at their jihadi website news, taking on the Swiss might seem like a much safer jihad than heading to Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, what with Americans and our allies killing off the faithful jihadis in such large numbers over the past nine years.

Let the "why do they hate the Swiss" lamentations begin!