Sunday, September 27, 2009

When Pansies Investigate

Let's see, an entity frightened of their own shadow is investigating whether a small country or a large nuclear-armed power with veto power over their winter heat is responsible for starting the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Oh, what will they conclude?

The fact-finding mission was launched in December 2008, “to investigate the origins and the course of the conflict”, including its conduct under international law and possible war crimes.

It was to report back in July, but diplomats said its work was held up by late answers received to around 100 questions posed to the governments of Russia and Georgia, and the de facto authorities in the two separatist regions.

Given its potential to embarrass, many wonder why the EU commissioned the study.

Jacques Sapir, a French expert on Russia, said: “I don’t hold out much hope for a very honest report. Nothing will come of it because things are just too sensitive.”

So the Euros will judge that the Russian invaders and the Georgian invaded were equally guilty. Which will spare the Euros from confronting Russia. And allow the Euros to stiff arm Georgian membership in NATO for another decade--which is basically a green light for Russia to finish off Georgia in the next decade.

Studying the issue was all about complicating the issue enough to avoid taking Georgia's side, when it was obvious from early on that Russia was at fault:

The ramshackle Russian military, rusting away for two decades now, miraculously put together an invasion of Georgia, flying in paratroopers even from distant bases, within hours of being attacked by Georgia? You seriously believe that version of events?

Russia got their South Ossetian goon allies to shoot at the Georgians and the Gerogians obliged by shooting back--which triggered the overt Russian invasion of Georgia. That is the reality of the situation.

Georgia fell for the provocation and gave Russia the excuse to invade. Although to be fair to Georgia, the Russians may have invaded anyway even if Georgia had held fire initially. Russia just would have needed to lie just a little more in that case to make up the Georgian provocation.

It takes a lot of nuance to ignore this reality. The pansies in Brussels are up to the job.

NOTE: I regret the title of this post. I intended it as a term for cowards with nothing else implied. Not that I've gotten complaints, mind you. And since it is my policy not to change posts (other than typos or for clarity), I won't change the title. But I thought it should be explained.