Monday, September 28, 2009

Back Flip

Libya's Khadaffi "flipped" out of fear he'd face the same fate as Saddam. The Libyans gave up all their WMD materials.

But the fear of America is waning and Libya is flipping back, using the Axis of El Vil as a stepping stone to returning to full evil status:

Chavez and Gadhafi led a weekend summit where South American and African leaders pledged to deepen links between the continents. Chavez made diplomatic inroads while offering African countries Venezuela's help in oil projects, mining and financial assistance.

Gadhafi, who is making his first visit to Latin America, said the two regions should unite to wield more influence and form a defense alliance, a "NATO for the South" — calling it "SATO."

In time, Libya will be back to their old terrorism games, I'd guess. Once a bad guy loses his fear of consequences, he has no reason to pretend to be good.

I wonder why the Libyans lost their fear of us?

That was a rhetorical question, of course.