Thursday, October 16, 2008

Less Worthy than Saddam?

Austin Bay writes that the next phase of the war in Iraq that the next president will face will be about helping democratic Iraq defeat Iranian aggression:

The next president's war will measure America's commitment to defending democracy and promoting genuine international security in the 21st century.

The Iraqi perspective differs a shade. Iraq's war will be yet another Iran-Iraq War, but one where the Iraqis will have an organizational advantage and a significant ideological edge.

Iraq's organizational advantage has two components. First and foremost Iraq engages Iran with the U.S. as an active ally -- unless the next U.S. president proves feckless and makes the inexcusably stupid mistake of denying Iraq American diplomatic and military support in a crisis.

Much of our Left spent their time in the debate over the liberation of Iraq arguing that Saddam "contained" Iran and our destruction of Saddam's sick and bloody regime was somehow a favor to Iran's mullahs.

Well now that we've just about won the war in Iraq, will our Left see a newly democratic Iraq, despite it's taint of having been built with George W. Bush's help, as worthy of support in their effort to contain Iran's aggression?

Don't be shy, boys and girls. Are democratically elected Iraqi leaders more worthy than Saddam of American backing?