Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I know I'm a knuckle-dragger when certain news stories don't inspire me to whip out my check book and write a check to PBS, but instead make me smile just a little bit.

A Guantanamo Bay prisoner has committed suicide:

A Saudi Arabian detainee died Wednesday at Guantanamo Bay prison and the U.S. military said he apparently committed suicide. Guards at the U.S. Naval Base in southeast Cuba found the detainee in his cell unresponsive and not breathing Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. military's Southern Command said in a statement.

Apparently he's the fourth to off himself there. Good. That's progress. Slow progress--but a good start, nonetheless

I still don't understand why these suicides are supposed to be bad news. If jihadis want to commit suicide without taking any of us with them, I count that as progress. Bring on the rice pilaf, I say.

UPDATE: Well, the only downside is that the deader might have had information we need:

A Saudi Arabian detainee who apparently committed suicide at Guantanamo Bay had been held at the prison camp reserved for the least compliant and most "high-value" inmates, a U.S. military spokesman said Thursday.

Still, he is dead. That should count for something. May more despair.