Saturday, May 26, 2007


Iran claims they have caught agents trying to undermine their government:

The Intelligence Ministry has "succeeded in identifying and striking blows at several spy networks comprised of infiltrating elements from the Iraqi occupiers in western, southwestern and central Iran," said the statement, using shorthand for United States and its allies.

The broadcast did not elaborate, saying further details would be published within days.

Meanwhile, the state IRNA news agency said the uncovered networks "enjoyed guidance from intelligence services of the occupying powers in Iraq and also that "Iraqi groups" were "involved in the case."

I hope that we have agents in Iran. I hope that we are planning to do something about the mullahs and their nuclear ambitions.

But I don't know if this Iranian announcement is just a pre-meeting attempt to shake us up or if the Iranians really did arrest some people working with us or for us.

If the latter, I hope we have plenty more to take up the slack. Let's get on with it already. Ahmadinejad wants nukes and that can't mean anything good for us.