Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hugo Chavez claims we are plotting to invade him at any moment. His forces uncover plots every day, he says. Conveniently, they are usually centered on his domestic political opponents.

Yet no American invasion fleet sails.

And no bombers sortie.

And Marines and paratroopers don't seem to be memorizing Spanish phrases.

One might almost start to conclude that America does not, in fact, plan to invade Venezuela.

What's an up-and-coming lunatic thug dictator to do in these circumstances?

Well, declare you've developed the perfect defense!

The leftist leader, who has repeatedly accused the United States of planning to invade his oil-rich nation, said Venezuela had test fired missiles on Thursday but it was not clear what kind of projectiles he was referring to.

"We're going to have a tremendous air-defense system, and with missiles capable of reaching 200 kilometers (124 miles)," Chavez said during a televised speech. "(It) will convert Venezuela into a nation truly invulnerable to any external threat, invulnerable to any plan of aggression."

Problem solved! We'd invade but for this wonder weapon that Hugo is deploying. That's certainly convenient.

It is fascinating to see a once promising nation utterly destroyed by an insane idiot savant like Hugo Chavez. Before it is over, America will be enriched by large numbers of Venezuelans fleeing this slow motion train wreck to build new lives here.