Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not a Surprise

This result of the surge is being portrayed as a failure:

Since U.S. and Iraqi troops launched the security crackdown in Baghdad in February, Sunni militants are believed to have moved out of the Iraqi capital to seek haven in nearby areas such as Diyala.

Yet this was assumed before the surge went into effect, I believe. I recall some story (which I can't find) that said that most of the surge brigades would go to the surrounding areas rather than Baghdad itself.

Before the surge, Casey said two brigades would suffice for Baghdad. This made me feel better since I'd argued we really didn't need much of a surge if at all as much as we needed a change in tactics and a surge of patience.

I still want that patience. But with Congress voting to "change direction" in Iraq (i.e. "retreat"), I might do better to wish for a pony.