Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Somebody Is Lying

Our military is accused of murdering women and children. We say it was a fire fight in which a far smaller number of civilians were accidentally killed. Both versions agree there was a member of al Qaeda present.

Our enemies have slaughtered so many that it is not beyond them to do a little more. Our enemies lie about our actions so much that they could be lying here, too.

And on the other side, our troops are so well disciplined that such an atrocity would be surprising to me. But not out of the question, I admit.

But just as it was up to us to stop and punish the depravity of our enemies by destroying Saddam's regime; we are up to the task of policing and punishing our own if we find anybody guilty of crimes. Because we are better than our enemies.

I just wish the world cared as much about the hundreds of thousands Saddam killed under orders as they do about the perhaps dozens we may have killed against orders.