Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Message Problem

Zarqawi seems like he wants to go to greener pastures since his Iraq adventure is not inspiring the locals like he hoped.

He is also upset that the recruits don't seem to be flowing in like he thinks they should:

Al-Zarqawi's aide also revealed that his boss, after pondering the absence of attacks in the U.S. in recent years, concluded that a lack of "willing martyrs" was to blame. Al-Zarqawi believes, according to his lieutenant, that "if an individual is willing to die, there was nothing that could be done to stop him," even in the U.S.

Yet the recruits stay away. Zarqawi might want to check with his guys over in Propaganda Central and get his Recruiting Guys to have a word with them. The story being put out to sway the Euro and Moslem street is not exactly a "Be all you can be" story from the recruiting point of view:

Deaths from Taliban and al Qaeda violence are running at about ten a week. This is less than the deaths from warlord gunmen and common criminals. The Sunni Arab media, especially the satellite news networks, do what they can to stress real or imagined abuses against Taliban and al Qaeda captives. This is a classic tactic. When you are losing, try and turn your defeats into crimes being committed by your foe.
Get that? The propaganda guys are putting out the story that their glorious foot soldiers are not only getting beaten silly by the infidels but are being tortured and abused as well! Join and die in defeat! Or if you survive--get tortured!

Yeah, that will bring a flood of recruits for Zarqawi's latest game plan, eh?