Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Fontleroys Speak

A bunch of former properly trained (and named) diplomats don't want John Bolton confirmed as our ambassador to the UN.

Their biggest complaint? Other than his plain name, I mean. Really, Ambassador John? How pedestrian. So public school. Anyway:

Their criticism dwelled primarily on Bolton's stand on issues as the State Department's senior arms control official. They said he had an "exceptional record" of opposing U.S. efforts to improve national security through arms control.
I'd say Bolton's exceptional record of opposing unilateral surrendering with agreements that only we abide by is an exceptionally good reason to support Bolton! I love this guy!

And besides, isn't this concern over arms control a little--oh--1980s? I mean, isn't the nation we once negotiated treaties with eroding a little more every day? Literally shrinking? Just what arms control treaty do they have in mind and with whom will we negotiate?

And seriously, what's with the names?