Monday, May 22, 2017

Unclear on the Concept

It's like they never heard of the MOAB:

US intelligence believes ISIS is bringing together all of its experts on chemical weapons from Iraq and Syria into a new "chemical weapons cell," according to a US official.

The cell is comprised of chemical weapons specialists from Iraq and Syria who have not previously worked together, the official added. The new unit is being set up in an ISIS-controlled area in Syria within the Euphrates River Valley, between Mayadin, Syria and the town of al Qaim, just across the Iraqi border.

Really? You guys are concentrating? Because you can't dig deep enough. You know that, right?

Actually, I think we have different weapons designed to burn up chemical agents more than scatter them. And if the ISIL chemical cell is in a more desolate area, we might try those out.

Or I suppose we might try a different approach:

On May 16, the U.S. Army Second Infantry Division’s “Iron Rangers” regiment conducted a ship-to-shore assault and counter-weapons of mass destruction (WMD) exercise with the South Korean Navy.

Carrying out such a mission kind of requires a collapsing North Korean military, of course. But this is a skill set more broadly useful, eh? Even if done from land (like from Jordan?).

While that is a nice signal to North Korea, we have a global force so I don't assume a practice in one region means the experience is limited to that command.

That area the chemical cell has formed in is the new de facto ISIL capital as Raqqa gets closer to being assaulted by US-backed forces in Syria.