Sunday, May 14, 2017

Just Friends Without Benefits Right Now

American-Indian relations are improved as India worries about China's rise. But don't think that India is a solid ally right now.

From India's joint armed forces doctrine document (p. 9):

India remains concerned about the presence and role of external powers in the IOR [Indian Ocean region], as global geo-politics shifts from the Atlantic Ocean to the Asia-Pacific.

India has never liked the United States Navy in "their" ocean. And so far China's advance into the Indian Ocean has been small enough to not shake India from their lingering Cold War mindset when solidly socialist India was "neutral" but rather friendly with the Soviet Union.

I expect that Indian concern of external powers (plural) will decline to concerns about just one when a Chinese carrier task force with multiple carriers cruises the Bay of Bengal and points west.

Then India will welcome the shift of the American Navy from the Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific region to help India defend the Indian Ocean region.