Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Real Enemy?

I don't know, but the French seem more angry with the British over Brexit than the French are angry with Russia over Ukraine or ISIL over the Paris terror attacks.


If the U.K. votes to leave on June 23, Paris will push to ensure that consequences are felt swiftly and severely to avoid emboldening anti-EU forces elsewhere in the bloc, senior EU diplomatic sources said.

I was honestly shocked that France cancelled the sale of Mistral warships to Russia as punishment for invading Ukraine. Although perhaps if Saudi Arabia hadn't financed the purchase by Egypt, that would have turned out differently.

And after all the noise from Paris about going Medieval on ISIL after the Paris massacre in November, the French seem to have calmed down and rediscovered nuance.

But if Britain wants to leave the European Union? Well, that will get the French seriously angry.

So the British may want to reconsider the wisdom of joint military planning with France that relies on the French to provide naval air power for a British objective.

If the British vote to exit the European Union, the British might want to fill the Chunnel with concrete just in case.

Get out now, Britain, before the EU has more power to enforce a Brezhnev Doctrine that prevents anyone from leaving the EU. Don't be that kind of lesson for the rest of the EU proto-Empire.