Thursday, June 09, 2016

Shoot On Sight, Shoot First, Shoot To Kill, Keep Shooting

The fight to escape the latest continental empire that wants to crush British independence is gaining ground:

I have been abroad for the past few weeks, behind the Great Firewall of China and mercifully shielded from the day-to-day arguments of the various camps.

I had expected to come home to find Remain firmly in the driving seat, Project Fear having done its worst, but far from it. The most recent polls show a marked shift towards Leave.

If the recent trend continues, Leave will win.

Good. I honestly don't understand why the British have any sentiment to remain.

The West has resisted efforts by continental powers to establish empires in Europe, but somehow the European Union's empire will be different? I don't think so.

Britain needs to get out now while they can. Kill the EU invaders. And do it decisively. Hell, toss in festering boils while you're at it.

Because I have every confidence that the Euro-elites in Britain will do everything within their power to delay exit with an eye to nullifying the vote, as they did to the Dutch, French, and Irish who dared to deny the EU authority to rule them.

This vote could yet be Britain's finest hour.