Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Jihadi Integrated Air Defense Network

Eight years after Germans collectively wet themselves in delirious joy at the prospect of Barack Obama becoming our president, they seem to have lost that feeling of hope and change.

Behold the disillusionment:

Several thousand demonstrators formed a human chain along the perimeter of a U.S. Air Force Base in southwest Germany on Saturday in protest against drone operations by the United States. ...

The use of drones is highly controversial in Germany, where an aversion to military conflict has prevailed since World War Two. Organizers say allowing data for drone deployments to be routed through Ramstein goes against the German constitution and want the base's satellite relay station to be closed.

Ah yes, idiot Westerners remain an integral part of the best air defense system in the world.

The Germans are confused in their pacifism. If I may--again--apply the clue bat to those demonstrators:

I keep reading that the Germans hate their militaristic past so much that they don't want to fight.

Let's try applying the clue bat to Germany's collective skull on this issue.

Conquering and setting up death camps under the shield of a powerful military? That's bad. By all means, don't do that.

Having a military capable of fighting death cult enemies or stopping the Russians from moving west? Well, that's a good thing. Try doing that.

The only drones we need to worry about are the ones forming human chains around our bases where our dedicated military personnel try to defend idiot dolts like those drone protesters.

Is it any wonder our enemies are convinced God is on their side?