Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just Shut Up and Crown Her?

Alan Colmes annoys me. If the news of the day was that Hillary Clinton ate kittens for breakfast, he'd defend her by saying it lowers greenhouse gas emissions, or something.

Anyway, he recently defended Hillary Clinton's past record of scandals and evidence she might not pass a Turing test (although if this article is right, she would easily pass) by slamming the past of George W. Bush for "starting two wars."

One, I was--SQUIRREL!!--unaware Bush 43 was running again.

Two, wasn't one of those two wars the "good" war of Afghanistan?

Three, wasn't the second one--Iraq--actually good enough given that in 2014 President Obama sent our forces back to Iraq to defend what we won under Bush there?

And four, I count President Obama ahead in the war count.

But I guess I just never realized how cool war could be!

Still, I have to admit that the difference between a good and bad war rests on some pretty nuanced distinctions.

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UPDATE: Very related to Colmes.