Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The College Major of Peace?

The French believe that the man they arrested for plotting an attack on a church and who is linked to the killing of a woman, may not have been acting alone:

The Paris prosecutor's office says a formal terror investigation has been opened after the arrest this week of a computer science student who authorities say planned an attack on a church and is suspected in the shooting death of a woman. ...

The charges, which include killing in relation to a terrorist enterprise, make clear that investigators believe the suspect had accomplices.

Throughout the entire article, while there is mention he is of Algerian origin and that we was in possession of Arab language jihadi material, there is no mention that the suspect is Moslem as a motivation for wanting to shoot up a church.

So I guess we're looking at a rogue faction of non-demoninational computer programmers.

But please people, let's not have that dread backlash against the vast majority of coders who want nothing to do with a jihad (and no Butlerian jihad, to be sure!).