Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Real Main Foe?

India really needs to step up their procurement game now that China rather than Pakistan is their main foe for setting their force size and composition.

India does not have the margin of error for this kind of nonsense:

India's effort to build six French Scorpene submarines under license has been delayed once again. That previous delay was in late 2014 when India said the first Scorpene would enter service in late 2016. Before that (2012) it was announced that the first Scorpene sub would not be ready until 2015. The most recent delays (caused by problems procuring components) will delay the first Scorpene until 2017, or later. The problem is mainly poor management by the Indian firms building the Scorpenes. One of the worst examples of this occurred in 2013 with the departure of ten Spanish technical advisors for the Scorpenes. Their contract expired at the end of March 2013 and, despite the expiration date being well known, Indian bureaucrats were unable to get a new contract in place on time. Similar avoidable delays have occurred several times already and the price has gone up with each delay.

China's defense budget is three times that of India's. India's military may have to conclude that their main foe is their own procurement bureaucracy.