Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Horror

Jonah Goldberg has attracted the ire of Donald Trump who Tweeted his non-negotiable demand:

@JonahNRO You stated that I started “relentlessly tweeting like a 14-year-old girl...” Horrible insult to women. Resign now or later!

I find it not a little bit disturbing as the father of an actual "girl" that Trump cannot distinguish between adult "women" and minor females.

But back to the point. Jonah's response where that Tweet is reproduced is typically humorous and effective.

I think the most effective response would have been "@ClownTrump I choose to resign later."

It would be in the spirit of the prisoner asked by his evil captor, "How do you wish to die?" who responds, "I'd like to die of old age, at home in bed, with pretty call girl woman asleep beside me."

I mean, Trump did offer Jonah the rather broad choice of resigning "now" or "later." I guess it is that kind of keen mind's attention to detail that built the Trump empire.

But at some level, what's the point of responding? As my dear momma always told me when I was a child, "When you wrestle with clowns you get multi-colored makeup and seltzer water all over you--and the clown likes it."

I still don't know why momma kept telling me that. It kind of freaked me out after a while.

But no matter. Best to just enjoy the fact that someone as clown-like as The Donald doesn't like you and know that when you one day (much later) stand at the Pearly Gates to Heaven, this fact will nullify a dozen snide remarks about cats and their owners on your score card.

As a point of order, comparing Trump to a 14-year-old girl was actually a compliment to Trump, whereas comparing a 14-year-old girl to Trump would have been the real horrible insult to girls (and probably all females, including women).

I now resume my usual blogging.