Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Leader

Once again I ponder that I just don't have a firm grasp on that whole nuance concept.

President Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan (twice), ended and then restarted the Iraq War, threatened to go to war in Syria against Assad and then went to war a year later against Assad's enemies, launched a war against Libya, continues a war in Somalia, escalated a drone war in Pakistan, helped the French fight a war in Mali, waged cyber-war on Iran, and started a drone war in Yemen.

And oh yeah, President Obama bombed the Moon.

Yet President Bush was the warmonger and President Obama is the peacemaker?

Oh, wait. I forgot the Hope and Change. They make everything better.

It's almost funny that Iran thinks that they alone can somehow escape the wrath of this president. Given his record, Iran's mullahs should be wetting their pants right about now, don't you think?

If President Obama nuked Iran, he'd just get (another) Nobel Peace Prize, I suspect.