Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wag the Dog?

Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Deputy Minister says that Taiwan's ability to change China is under-appreciated.

One can hope this assessment of China's vulnerability is true:

"Some say that China is trying to influence us [through] trade. In Taiwan, we know it's very clear that business is business and politics is politics. Taiwan is small compared to China but it is democratic and has soft power."

The deputy minister was not referring to the "soft power" of late singer Teresa Teng or its famous dumplings, but what Chinese tourists do after 9pm in Taipei.

According to Lin, many Chinese tourists return to their hotels as 9pm to watch Taiwanese political leaders get scrutinised on local television.

Lin said the Chinese have realised that "it's very nice to have a democratic country".

"Taiwan has a very strong influence on this issue. As long as we don't use military [force], I'm not sure who has bigger influence. We may have a bigger influence than them."

I sincerely hope the story isn't just an urban legend.

Indeed. But when all other options to resist China's growing power are exhausted or ruled out, the only option remaining is the logical course of action, isn't it?