Friday, May 24, 2013

Really Glad I'm Me

So yesterday I'm running near my home.

A driver goes past me, slows a bit, and then pulls into a driveway ahead of me, behind a couple trees.

As I get closer the driver backs up, blocking the sidewalk. She is not obstructed from backing out.

Odd. But there's plenty of time to get out of my way as I approach.

Then a young woman gets out the car, with one foot apparently still in the car. She was looking at me--with an odd, not terribly happy look on her face--speaking incoherently (or perhaps just unintelligibly) at me.

I don't know her.

I keep running, and since she is still standing I dare to run in front of her car. It was around then that she apparently decided she didn't know me.

She stopped talking and got back in the car. And did not follow me down the road.

I can only assume there is another man in Ann Arbor who is relieved not to have been running down that sidewalk at that moment.

But he'll need to run faster--or at least away from the road.

UPDATE: Hmm. I wonder if I should have asked her if her name is Gloria?