Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Victim of Circumstances

Frank Rich does not understand war or history. But he does understand how the winds blow on the Left.

Back when we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan was a corrupt mess with few al Qaeda in the country, Frank Rich was gung ho on winning in Afghanistan as the "good war" we needed to fight in order to beat terrorism. Indeed, just this year he was gung ho.

Today, noting that Afghanistan is a corrupt mess and that Afghanistan has few al Qaeda to fight, Frank Rich wants to focus on Pakistan and stop fighting in Afghanistan.

As if Rich would back strong military action in Pakistan!

Well, I guess he could, just like he once backed fighting in Afghanistan. Now that there's no war to stop in Iraq, backing the Afghan fight has no purpose. So too, advocating forceful action in the real war in Pakistan is useful to Rich to end the war in Afghanistan.

For Rich, it's all about insuring our defeat wherever we are currently fighting.