Saturday, October 25, 2008


As the war dragged on in Iraq, the Army resisted adding more soldiers to increase the number of combat brigades. The Army worked on moving slots to civilian workers and eliminating unneeded combat units in order to create nine new combat brigades.

The Army consistently worried that if it added more soldiers to their end strength, when the Iraq War ended, Congress would squeeze the Army of funding and those extra mouths to feed would risk a hollow Army in future years.

Well, Congress, under control of the loyal opposition, increased Army end strength anyway. This was done despite the obvious silliness of their argument that Iraq tied down our Army and we needed more just in case. Who's fooling who, here? The loyal opposition is unwilling to use the Army in defense of our national interests anywhere.

And with the new brigades still being added to the Army, the loyal opposition is already threatening to cripple the Army:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said Democrats will push for a stimulus package after the November election, and called for a package reducing defense spending by 25 percent while saying Congress will "eventually" raise taxes.

And he wants to get out of Iraq fast, regardless of the threat to our accumulating victory there. So we get defeat in Iraq, a demoralized Army, and a defunded Army that will wither. Bravo, Representative Frank. Bravo. Quite the hat trick of undermining our national defense.

Explain to me again just how our Left "supports" the troops.