Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not So Scary Now

North Korea has relied on the threat of invading South Korea to extort goodies from the West.

I've been happy with talking to North Korea, since I figured as we talked, they'd die. That is, Pyongyang would lose their ability to attack.

Strategypage reports that North Korea is now officially screwed:

U.S. and South Korean military commanders are openly stating their belief that any North Korean invasion would fail. In the past, there was always some hesitation about being this confident. But apparently the readiness and capabilities of the North Korean armed forces have declined so much that even the professionals doubt the north could get very far if they went to war.

Like I wrote, I think the North Koreans have to worry that even their threat to bombard Seoul is eroding. I think South Korea could probably invade the North and carve a safe zone around Seoul, pushing North Korean artillery beyond range of the capital.